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We work with Medtech companies with limited resources and engineering knowledge in dimensioning and combining the relevant technology bricks to help them build a performant and sustainable autonomous energy solution. These limitations can indeed be a slowing factor in your product or application development and go to market plans.

Experts in energy source, energy management and energy storage

We can accompany and support you every step of the way, or in one particular stage of your product development according to your specific need.

360° service level and an all-inclusive offer

From upstream to downstream, from idea to implementation we accompany and support you through each step based on the preliminary usage scenario for which the energy architecture will be related to and up to the qualification of the energy solution.

Circle chart : How and when can Advens help you. Circle with 5 spots: User case, requirements, design on proprietary or suppliers interface and selection, energy architecture, Validation tests reliability.
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Vitruvens : your ‘à la carte ‘ energy advocate

Our 3 Major advantages and benefits :

Not only can we translate your final product needs into a comprehensive technological roadmap by using the specific energy language used by energy technologies suppliers, but we can also be your advocate and represent your interest in technical discussions with your suppliers. We can follow up the development of energy management circuits or custom battery for you. We can be the interface at the level you wish. We can help you from beginning to end or at a specific step.

With Vitruvens driving the entire or part of the energy architecture side of your product development, you can concentrate your efforts and resources on the application and leverage the value of your product.

Would your product benefit from our all-inclusive offer or à la carte services ?

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